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Repipe Specialists has been installing the finest plumbing materials since the company began in 1991. Whether you opt to have your home repiped with high quality copper piping or high quality PEX tubing installed, with Repipe Specialists you’ll get the best quality materials.

We are honest, hard working, dependable, prompt and professional.

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No other company will provide you with:

  • 24-hour live operator service.
  • A shop owner or senior supervisor on every job.
  • 100% guarantee.
  • Your flooring covered and protected (this makes cleanup a snap).
  • All technicians are experienced repiping specialists. No unskilled labor is used.
  • Patchers (technicians who patch your walls after copper repiping is done) who are professional master patchers.
  • Fully licensed, guaranteed and insured.
  • Most jobs are done in 1-3 days. For larger jobs, work is done in consecutive days so there is minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Our Guarantee

You will receive a 100% Lifetime Guarantee On All the Workmanship and a Manufacturers Warranty On All Parts and Material.

Our Business Address

Repipe Specialists of Oregon
818 SW 3rd Ave., #1118
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 400-7701

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